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When I give my “No Nonsense Retention” speech to groups across the country, I get frustrated feedback from audience members about poor leadership hurting retention in their organization. Regardless of the level of leadership you hold in the organization, you will drive yourself crazy if you try to solve all of the location or facilities problems; much less the rest of the organization. Concentrate on your sphere of influence regardless of size and create your own little island within the organization by controlling what you can control…….which is A LOT. What can you control? You can control the following items for sure:

Your attitude….develop an upbeat attitude.

  • How well you communicate.
  • How you treat people…it should be with respect…..always!
  • Lead by being a positive example.
  • Care for your people.
  • Be genuine.

How you treat your people has more to do with turnover than anything else. You have seen it yourself in organizations you have worked in. Certain managers tend to churn thru people…..even the ones the managers hire themselves. And, no one is happy in their departments. They are running the corporate version of a jail. People are doing time because they have to and will get out as soon as they can. Others tend to be people magnets who everyone wants to work for. They have people who will go the extra mile for you and you can feel the positive energy when in those areas.

Keep the tips listed above in mind and I guarantee that you will have one of the more happy and productive departments in your organization. IF YOU GET FRUSTRATED…NEED IDEAS TO DRIVE RETENTION OR DEAL WITH LEADERSHIP ISSUES…give me a call…I get calls from my readers all the time to help them problem solve on the phone. Give me a call…it won’t cost you a dime!