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People are frustrated.  People are tired.  People are fed up. 

In 30 years of human resources I have never seen it like this before.  Although companies have added a few of the positions back that they cut during the worst of the recession in 2009, they have not replaced them all.  This, combined with an improvement in business, is forcing people to work longer hours and work at a furious pace over a prolonged period of time.

The result.  People are tired.  People are frustrated.  People are fed up. They feel as if it is not going to end and it is starting to take a toll on them.  What are employees saying? 

  • I have heard from numerous very solid performers that they are “done working like this.”
  • Others have come straight out and said “if they don’t like it…they can fire me.”  Many are saying it to search professionals like me and in some cases saying it directly to their bosses.  That is perhaps the most shocking thing of all because two years ago people were scared to death of losing their job. Now, many simply do not care.

If you want employee retention it’s time to “forget fancy strategies and focus on your people.”  That is truer now than I have seen it in 30 years of human resources because of the frustration that I see building.  We are nearing the time when the dam is going to break.  When it does we will begin to see large scale movement of people in the job market.  How can you get ahead of the curve?  

  • Now is the time to start seriously building your bench of talent BEFORE things get wild a crazy and hiring really starts as part of a strategic employee retention process.
  • Now is the time to start investing in your people through training and putting employee retention initiatives in place BEFORE it becomes a major gap in your organization.

Failure to take action NOW will impact your organizational capabilities and cost your business profits when you start to lose key talent.