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When I am presenting “Give Your Employees C.R.A.P…® and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention,” I always ask the group how many of them have been formally trained how to interview.  The normal response is about 5% of the group.  That is appalling when you consider that most organizations rely heavily on the interview in the selection process.

Aside from the legalities of interviewing, when training interviewers they need to be taught how to prepare for the interview by the development of relevant questions and then the importance of listening and taking good notes.

Have relevant questions ready.  The number of interviewers who are not ready with a list of questions is astonishing.  That’s when you get the “Tell me about yourself” question.  I recommend a minimum or 10 relevant questions.

Listen.  In many cases, the interviewer will talk more than the candidate and then the interviewer has little or no information upon which to make a decision because the candidate didn’t have the opportunity to tell you anything.  The interviewer needs to be trained to ask a question and then shut up. 

Take good notes.  This is especially important when you have to interview several people over multiple days.  It is simply hard to remember the information you obtained even if you were listening!

If your interviewers are trained to do these three things at a minimum, there is a greater likelihood that you will hire the right person.  If not, you will probably be hiring a replacement in less than a year!