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Candor is an incredibly important aspect in hiring.  Candor is the most important element in ensuring that a candidate fits the environment.  All too often, organizations only reveal the positive things about the organization during the interview process.  They neglect to expose any of the “warts” that exist for fear a candidate will back out.  If they do back out during the interview process, then both parties are better off.

30% of the people hired make a decision about leaving the organization in the first 30 days.  They may not leave immediately but they have mentally decided they will not stay.  To a large extent, this is because of the shock they receive when they find out the picture that was painted of the organization was a forgery.  Not only are they shocked…they are often angry.

When a candidate is given a realistic picture of what an organization looks like, most candidates are impressed with the organization’s honesty.  That is because too few organizations are honest!  This honesty helps to start developing the trust needed in any strong relationship…even in an employment one.

It is also essential that the hiring manager be candid about how they lead as well as how the organization operates.  If either picture is not represented properly, the likelihood for a successful hire diminishes significantly.  The person must fit both their manager and the organization to optimize fit.  Without candor on the part of the hiring manager, you have a recipe for a very short relationship.