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Recently I watched the movie “The 300” for umpteenth time.  The epic battle when 300 Spartans held off a Persian army of thousands still leaves me in awe. Ultimately they lost….but in doing so inspired Sparta to mount an army that defeated the Persians.  What does this have to do with management?  Well, I loved the enthusiasm and passion with which they went about saving Sparta even though they knew the odds were against them.


Do you inspire the people around you with enthusiasm?  Enthusiasm is infectious and will “fire up” people around you.  Can people feel your energy?  If not, why not?   I am not talking about running around like an idiot….but go about your job with a purpose and the belief you can make a difference.  Put everything you have into it when you are there.  Why?  Because tomorrow you might not be there!  Trust me…I have seen good friends come down with cancer and know people who have been killed in sudden car crashes.  Live every day at work and at home like it might be your last….if it isn’t then you have had lots of fun during your day!


Here’s a few things that help my enthusiasm….try them….if they don’t work….come up with your own list….we all have different styles.


  • Smile
  • Walk with a purpose
  • One of my favorite responses to “How are you doing?  I tell them, ”I’m having so much fun I can’t stand it!”  People laugh…..then I laugh
  • Read something inspirational in the morning for 10 minutes before you leave for work…it will fire you up
  • Listen to upbeat music or to an inspirational speaker on CD while traveling in to work


You know the old saying.  You are what you eat.  Well, you are what think!  Thinking drives your enthusiasm…which drives how you act….which infects other people.  It worked for the 300 Spartans 1700 years ago.  That has not changed since those very Spartans stopped an entire Persian army dead in its tracks.  Well maybe a little has changed…they carried spears and swords…..you carry a laptop!