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When working with groups as an employee retention trainer, I am constantly advocating the use of cards to thank employees and recognize their accomplishments.  I am a card guy.  I love getting cards.  I love writing cards.  They make me feel good and I like to feel good.  But, it goes beyond that.  I advocate cards as companies are looking at developing employee retention strategies.

Most people can tell you the last time they received a card.  In all likelihood, they have that card pinned up in their work space or have taken it home to show to someone.  That should tell you something.  A card is something special because it takes a bit of time to write and shows you care.

Take the time to write a brief note, sign it and perhaps even mail it.  When it arrives, it is something special because all we generally get in the mail is junk mail and bills. Then…this special piece shows up and makes our day.

What does this have to do with employee retention strategies?  It is about showing appreciation in a special way.  A way that few people take the time and effort to do.  It makes you different than any other employer that treats their people like a nameless, faceless number.  This ability to differentiate yourself from other bosses makes you unique and something that most employees are not going to find when they go to another employer.  Who knows, it might make someone think twice when they are approached by a headhunter about some “great” opportunity.