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Those of you who know me as an employee retention speaker know that I’m a huge proponent of using psychological assessments when developing employee retention strategies for your company.  These assessments provide incredible insight into the candidate that you are looking to hire.  That point by itself is enough of a reason to use these assessments as one of the key pieces in your employee retention strategy.

However, if you really want to take it to the next level, you need to go beyond just getting the assessment and looking to see if the candidate is a good fit for the job.  Who is the most important person that is involved in the success of the person besides the person themselves?  Their boss.

It usually takes 6 months or more for a boss and a new hire to get to know each other and how they operate.  That’s when you really start to see things click between the two parties as they begin working well together.  If you could cut that time down, every day that you know each other better, your ability to work together increases.  One of my favorite employee retention strategies, enables you to do that.  How?  As the boss, share your psychological assessment with the new hire.  Instantly, both parties get a glimpse into who the other person is and this accelerates the ramp up time for the new hire to be productive.  This is tough for many bosses as you are “exposing yourself.”  You are allowing the new hire to see who you truly are.

Perhaps, more importantly, is that by showing each other your assessments, you develop a greater level of trust for each other because you are willing to expose who you are to the other person.  This can be difficult if you are willing to do it but the benefits to both parties and to the organization are huge.