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As an employee retention speaker, I am often asked what I feel is one of the keys to retention.  My response…hire good people and leave them alone.  All too often we hire good people and we micromanage them to death.  They become demoralized, disengaged and frustrated and then they quit.

The best example I can give is the young woman who works at the car wash that I go to every week.  It can be 95 degrees and a thousand percent humidity and she is smiling and a joy for the customers to interact with.  It can be 10 degrees below zero and she is smiling and a joy for the customers to interact with.  There are times I go to the car wash because as I drive by I notice she is working!

Being an employee retention expert, I ALWAYS ask people why they work in the jobs they do.  When I asked she said, “I enjoy the people and my supervisor lets me do my job without bugging me all the time.”  Clearly this young lady likes people.  It shows.  Add the fact that her boss is smart enough to leave her alone makes a difference.

Micromanaging an employee will kill your employee retention.  When you micromanage it sends the message that you don’t trust the person and trust is at the heart of employee retention.  If you don’t trust the person because they don’t have the skills, train them, coach them and get them up to speed so they are a good employee.  After you do that…leave them alone and let them do their job!