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As an employee retention speaker and author, I always talk about giving your people C.R.A.P.  One of the elements of C.R.A.P. is appreciation.  Showing appreciation for a job well done is one of the main things a boss can do for their people.  An acknowledgement that you know someone stayed late to finish a project.  Letting a person go home early on Friday because they have already put in 50 hours this week.  These are simple ways to show your people that you value what they do for you.  Notice I say “for you.”  Forget about the organization.  Most people do things for you…not necessarily the organization but for you as a leader.  You’re the one that should show them appreciation.  It is totally within your “sphere of influence.”

There are hundreds of ways to show you appreciate people.  Pick ones that fit your style and incorporate them into your personal employee retention strategies.   When I was in HR, I used to make it a point to wander by the time clock (particularly on Friday afternoon as people were waiting to punch out) to thank them for things I had heard they had done during the week or to just acknowledge the fact that they gave us good week worth of work.  This stuff is not hard.  What is hard is having the discipline to do it time and time again.  But it pays off.  People appreciate being appreciated.

When working with organizations as an employee retention trainer, I tell participants that C.R.A.P. works and the “A” is an integral part of it.  So get out there and show some appreciation because…C.R.A.P. Works!