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If you’re senior management, you need to take a look at all the leaders in your organization as well as yourself.   Leaders need to have the skills and value systems required to sustain an organization into the next generation because to the people that work in the plant or in the cube factory the supervisor is the company!  As an employee retention speaker, I tell my audiences how well you do as an organization depends on the quality of this group.

When I conduct employee retention training for senior level leadership, I tell them to first look at the value system of their middle level leadership.  If that group is the type of leaders that do not treat people with respect, make excuses when things go wrong, say one thing and do another, complain about things they are asked to do, have turnover in their department or other signs that they are not solid leaders, it’s time to act.  “First break all the Rules” is a great book to read if you want to see the characteristics you should be looking for.

You probably can’t do much about someone that has a lousy value system.  If they have a lousy value system you need to deal with it!   This is not an excuse for you to wipe out supervisors who don’t always agree with you.  It is a call to action to address those supervisors who will never have a value system that sees people in a positive light.  As an employee retention trainer, I have found in most cases you can train their brains out and nothing will change.  Figure out if that is the case and take action.  Move them into a non-leadership role or remove them from the organization.  Then, replace them with people who know how to lead positively.  Employee retention will increase immediately in that area once a poor supervisor is removed and replaced with one who has a value system that is positive.