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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I tell managers how you treat your people has more to do with employee retention strategies than anything else in the organization.  You have seen it yourself in organizations you have worked in.  Certain managers tend to churn thru people….even the ones the managers hire themselves.  And, no one is happy in their departments.  They are running the corporate version of a jail!  People are doing time because they have to and will get out as soon as they can.  Others managers tend to be people magnets who everyone wants to work for.  They have people who will go the extra mile for them and you can feel the positive energy when you are in those areas.

Look at the lousy ones.  Here is what you see them do:

  • They micro manage their people and will not delegate.
  • They send mixed messages about what they want.
  • They blame their people for lack of performance or complain that they can’t trust the people in their department to get the job done.
  • Nothing is ever good enough for them.
  • They take credit for their people’s successes.

As an employee retention expert, I see a revolving door of people in those departments when I consult for companies.  When asked why their employee retention is so poor, you will hear excuses like “I demand more from my people than other managers” or “You just can’t find good people” or “People have no work ethic.”  It goes on and on.  You know who those managers are in your organization.  This type of manager will not survive into the next decade because employee retention strategies will be the biggest challenge facing organizations. Their behavior will not be tolerated because organizational survival will be dependent on keeping turnover low due to a shortage of people to fill jobs.

Your goal as a manager is: DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!  If you started to get uncomfortable reading the excuses above, you need to do a gut check and ask if you are one of “those” managers.  If you are…change…or get out of management because you are a major cause of turnover in your organization.