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As an employee retention speaker and as a “headhunter,” I hear some amazing things about how bosses mistreat their people and how organizations put up with these toxic bosses.  As a “headhunter” that mistreatment usually makes it so easy to steal talent for my clients.  Recently, I had the perfect candidate ready to make a move.  Everything was lined up and set to go.  Then, the employer woke up and replaced the manager and the replacement is a leadership star!

My candidate, who was in the process of interviewing, saw the change in style.  Authoritarian to collaborative.  Closed minded to listener.  Grouchy to upbeat.  He immediately started thinking that maybe he should stay and give the new department head a chance.  After all, he liked the company, the people he worked with and what he did in his job.  His only problem was his boss.  The result; he withdrew from consideration and I had to find another candidate.

The immediate boss is crucial to whether people stay or go so having leaders who see the best in people and treat people well is essential to your employee retention strategies.  The immediate supervisor is responsible for more turnover than any other thing.  An organization can be doing everything else right but if the immediate boss is a jerk, the organization is in trouble.

If you want drive a successful retention process, look closely at the quality of your leadership team.  In fact, judge them based on my C.R.A.P.py Boss checklist (In this case C.R.A.P.ppy is good) which you can find on my website http://www.jeffkortes.com  Depending on what you come up with, maybe you will find you need a changing of the guard!