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Yesterday, while working with an organization as an employee retention trainer and employee retention expert, the discussion came up about taking a stroll through the facility.  The HR Director mentioned that just the other day, someone on the plant floor mentioned that they are reluctant to stop her when she walks through the facility because she looks like someone who is heading someplace or in a rush to go to a meeting.  Which brought up the idea about what is a “stroll” which I talk about all the time?

A stroll is simply that.  It is a stroll.  You are not headed anywhere in particular, you are walking causally through the facility.  You are observing things and simply wandering around to talk to people.  When you stroll in the manner I described, people know you are just “out and about” and that it is okay to stop you to chat or simply just talk.  That is what you want as part of your employee retention strategies.

Part of your employee retention strategies is to “smooze” with people and get to know them and catch up on how they are doing.  That is when you are going to get feedback and hear things that are important to employee retention.  When you are strolling, people feel they are not imposing on you to stop and talk.  That is when you hear all of the juicy information!

Strolling is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to employee retention strategies.  It is also is one of the most fun things to do.  If you are a leader or an HR person, you generally like people…maybe not…but generally you do!  Strolling is the time when you can do what you like to do and that is interact with people.  It also serves a purpose in employee retention.  So, get out of your office and take a stroll!