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There are times when working as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer that I am working with leaders on how to drive employee retention that I get questions about dealing with problem people.  As I talk with the leaders, it becomes very evident that they just can’t wait to get rid of a person.  That’s a bad sign.  It is a sign that they probably are not thinking clearly and emotion has taken over.  When leaders let their emotion take over, they usually make bad decisions which is why I tell leaders “If it feels good, don’t do it.”

Decisions have to factor in the human element but they must be done in an impassionate and clinical way in order to avoid not thinking straight or over reacting.  I have seen leaders that let their judgement be clouded by the desire to “get that person” to the point that you can hear it in their voice or even see the glint in their eyes.  When those warning signs exist, it is time to conduct an impassionate and thorough investigation before making any decision.

By conducting an impassionate investigation, the facts that come out will often be very sobering and show the pluses and the minuses of taking action.  This then gets the leader feeling “less good” and more willing to start to weigh the facts.  If after weighing the facts the decision is to move forward, then you know it is at least done with thought and not just emotion.

Acting with a cool head is crucial to employee retention strategies because actions you take with one employee are noticed by every employee in that organization.  Employees are always wondering, “How will I be treated in a similar situation?”  The answer to that question must be that they will be treated with dignity and respect if you want people to not consider the alternative of looking to leave for a better organization.  This is part of my philosophy that you have to Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.!  Respect is a key element in the formula of giving people C.R.A.P. in order to retain them.  When it feels good, chances are that you are not giving people the respect they deserve but instead are doing it because it makes you feel good.  For that reason, if employee retention is your goal, this employee retention speaker believes that “if it feels good, don’t do it.”