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All too often, this employee retention speaker hears from his audiences that they don’t know how to convey a difficult message to an employee.  My response…with candor.  All too often we try to beat around the bush and act like politicians instead of being candid with people.  This employee retention trainer has found that people like candor.  They find it refreshing from all the blah blah blah they often hear from politicians, from the educational system and from senior leadership in their organization.  Beyond liking the candor, people tend to respect you more because you aren’t like all the other company’s leaders out there.  In many ways, that is what employee retention is all about.  You want to set yourself apart so that people want to stay with your organization vs. going to work down the street to another place.  You want to be different…in a good way.  Candor is one of those good ways.

Another phenomena that this employee retention author hears about when it comes to candor is that the millennials can’t deal with candor.  I don’t buy that for a minute.  They find it refreshing as well.  Everyone is worried that the millennials are too “sensitive” and can’t handle candor.  I find just the opposite.  They like it because you are not fake and pretentious which they clearly don’t like.

When you are candid with people they know where they stand and it eliminates a lot of uncertainty and speculation that feeds the grapevine and the grapevine can be deadly to an organization that wants to retain its talent.  When speculation and rumor start on the grapevine it is usually negative and creates fear or anger.  Neither of those things are to your advantage when it comes to your employee retention strategies.

Part of the issue of candor is that organizations and leaders that are not candid delay telling their people what is going on.  The longer you delay, the greater the likelihood that people will think something is going on and that you are trying to deceive them or hide something from you.  Lastly, a major reason to be candid is that candor sells.  People like it and it can be used as a selling point to not only keep the talent you have but to sell your organization when recruiting talent.

It is time to stop beating around the bush and tell it like it is.  If you haven’t tried being candid it is time to start if you want to drive employee retention in your organization.  Why?  Because candor works!