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When I poll my audiences as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer about if they get out of their office to wander around to just talk to employees every day, only a dismal 10-20% raise their hands.  That is shocking to this employee retention author.  Visibility is essential to getting to know people and what makes them tick or to learn what ticks them off.  It is pretty hard to be visible when you are sitting in your office or hunched over your computer in your cube.

The answer to the problem of getting out of your office is simple.  Be intentional.  That’s right put it on the calendar like it is some meeting that you must attend.  You would show up for a meeting if it is on your calendar.  So, put your morning stroll on your calendar and then get off your rump and start your stroll at the time the “meeting” starts.  If that doesn’t work for you, put the name of a person in the plant you want to talk to that day on your calendar as a meeting.  Then, at the designated time, get up and go to “meet” that person.  Go “meet” them but then also wander around the facility and say “hi” to other people.  You have to be intentional about it.  If it is so important, then you must be intentional about it.

Another technique that I find works is that I have 3 things listed that I “MUST DO” on my to do list that are essential to driving the business forward.  I don’t go home until those three things have been done.  They are the life blood of my success.  Seeing your people should be one of the things on that list.  After all, people are what drive your culture and your culture is what drives your profits.  I like color coding things (what can I say…we all have our idiosyncrasies) so I highlight my three things in purple so that I see them and can’t avoid them.  The sooner I get them off my list the sooner I can go home.  They are constantly in my focus and in sight.  It is intentional to put them where I can see them.

As I always say, “Visibility drives communication…communication drives trust…trust drive loyalty.”  Visibility is an essential part of driving loyalty which impacts retention.  It’s pretty simple.  It is also very simple to do.  Just be intentional!