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When working as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer with a hospital client recently, I was incredibly impressed with their value system.  The most impressive thing was that it was short and sweet.  There was no bullshit built into it that often comes out of a senior leadership “summit.”  Therefore, you could understand it and so could their employees. It was brilliant in its simplicity.

The second thing was that the value system made sense.  It hit on what the priorities should be.  There was no question about the priorities of the organization.  Here they are:

  • The Patient comes first
  • Quality is our expectation
  • People make it happen
  • Everyone is treated with respect

If you can’t understand that, you don’t have the smarts to be in the organization.  It’s such that people at all levels can get it.  As the expert on C.R.A.P., (Caring, respect, appreciation and praise) I particularly loved the last one.  As I spoke with the VPHR, it became evident that they knew that if they treated employees with respect, their r employees would drive quality and that their employees would make sure the patient came first.  As I said, it was brilliant in its simplicity.  It was also brilliant in its logic.

This employee retention speaker had to ask, “You seem to get the stuff I speak to…why am I here?”  Her response was that they saw what I did as showing their leaders how to do a deep dive into the details of C.R.A.P. and that it would further educate their leaders on how to show caring, respect, appreciations and praise.  So, that is exactly what I did.  These people got it.  They knew what they had to do and just wanted to learn how to do it better.

As I rolled into the program, I really discussed their values with them and how they could show their people that they were living their values.  They also asked some great questions about how to do these things with the new generation and we problem solved, discussed and came up with strategies to give people in the new generation C.R.A.P.  It was the easiest session I’ve had in ages because everyone was on the same wavelength.  But, what really drove the success of the session was that the leaders who had designed the value system did a great job of articulating the values they expected.

If you want to have your employees live the value system, they have to know what they are, understand what they mean and how to be able to demonstrate the value system to others in the organization. What employee would not want to stay in an organization that has values like this?  Think about that.  It’s a great place to work that’s driven by their values.   Does your value system accomplish the same thing?