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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author sees employees falling into two categories, grinders or go getters.  Some people have a little of both but tend to lean towards one or the other.  Grinders are those people that come in and do a solid job, day in and day out.  They are happy doing what they are doing, doing a good job and then going home at night.  They don’t have to be told to do things because they know what they have to do and do it.  Go Getters want to advance, change things, are constantly coming up with new ideas and really want to make an impact.  We often have the mindset that people who are grinders are disengaged, slacking off and not really committed to the organization.  That’ s ridiculous.  We also tend to crave having all those go getters in our organizations with the illusion that they are somehow going to turn the organization into this marvelous nirvana where things get done as we sit back and drink coffee with our feet up on the desk.

This employee retention trainer has lots of friends who are grinders.  My department tended to be filled with grinders when I was an HR leader.  And you know what, we had one kick ass department.  Things got done, people loved us, and we kept moving the ball forward and making money for the organization.  The problem is that we often confuse grinders with people who are disengaged.  That is where the leader comes in.  If someone is in their role for a long time; which grinders often are, you have to find ways to challenge them so they stay energized and engaged.  That is what a leader is there for…to lead…not just watch their people become vegetables.

This employee retention trainer also has friends who are go getters.  I had them in my department when I was an HR leader as well.  Same kickass department.  Grinders and go getters coexisting together.  These people had to be led as well.  The challenge with them was to control their energy and to keep them headed in the proper direction.  That is what a leader is there for…to lead…not have their people going off in all directions or getting irritated because you micromanage them.

Both groups offer a unique challenge when it comes to employee retention strategies.  But, when done right they can both be incredible additions to an organization.  So, if you want an engaged, energized and vibrant organization or department…LEAD THEM!  If you lead them both the same way you will have a disaster and a revolving door.  If you lead them all in unique ways that fit their needs, they will crank for you and you will have a high-performance organization. Grinders and Go Getters…they both bring great things to the table.