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As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I have come to realize that one of the key ingredients in building loyalty is that you have to want the best for people.  This has always been a factor but has become one even more so than in the past.  Wanting the best for your people is part of giving your employees C.R.A.P.  Wanting the best for them is part of Caring.  In the past, we did a lot of other things that built loyalty.  It was a given that unless a person was a real “screw up” they would have a job for as long as they wanted.  When that changed, people realized that if the right thing came along that bettered them it made sense to look at it.  Then, we fell into a vicious cycle where as loyalty disappeared people became less loyal and so on and so on.  It became apparent to people that we weren’t looking out for them.  We no longer wanted the best for them, we wanted what was best for us and us alone.

The best way to send the message you want the best for them is to help people grow not only personally but in their career.  Give them opportunities to expand their knowledge.  Train them.  Help them get better.  Very few employers want to do that for fear the person will gain skills that will make them more valuable to another employer.  That comes across loud and clear to people.  They know you are holding them back intentionally.  People aren’t idiots.  That accelerates the cycle that they will leave.  They know you don’t want the best for them so why should they want the best for you.

Want the best for people and be honest about that.  Some of my best clients are companies that tell their people this.  They even tell them this before they walk through the door.  One of my best clients tells applicants that they realize that they are probably not going to stay for their entire career and that they will do what they can to help that person acquire skills, experience and mentorship during their time so that when they are ready, they can continue in their career.  Then they back it up by doing those things.  They have far better employee retention than most companies.  Their people feel valued and are not impressed every time a head hunter or internal recruiter contacts them on LinkedIn because they know my client wants the best for them.

People can just feel if you want the best for them.  When they do, it helps to build employee loyalty.  It also gets you a much more committed, dedicated and engaged employee when they are working for you.  They are not just putting in their time.  Caring matters!  Show you care by wanting the best for your employees.  And remember as this employee retention author always says…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®