High Performance CultureAre slugs sucking the life out of your organization?

Jeff Kortes, employee retention speaker and author, will help transform your team from under-performing to high performance!

Under-performing employees:
• Drive your best people to leave
• Drain valuable resources from the business
• Lower productivity and quality
• Create a toxic culture
• Undermine your credibility

In his “Slug Proof Your Team” presentation, Jeff, author of “No Nonsense Retention,” draws on 25 years’ experience in human resource leadership, development of high-performance work teams, and ownership of a top employee search firm, to turn over the rocks in an organization and shine light where it’s needed. He provides real-world strategies to manage under-performing employees, retain your best talent, and increase productivity and profitability.

“It was one of the best management presentations that we have seen in a long time. I think Jeff’s got real practical advice for managers and supervisors with a fantastic delivery.”

Through personal stories and interactive participation, managers learn a practical, “no nonsense” approach that focuses on the “people side” of developing a high performance culture:

• Utilize a proven process to evaluate your team as a starting point, to ensure you have the right people

• Understand strategies to educate team members who need guidance, to transform them from mediocre performers into valuable team members who consistently deliver top results

• Learn steps to eradicate people who simply will never have the skills nor willingness to operate as team members in a high-performance culture

• Develop a plan to inoculate your team to ensure that, once a high-performance culture is up and running, it doesn’t “backslide” into mediocrity as slugs creep back in

“I would recommend Jeff and his program to other companies looking for a common sense approach to leadership development.”

This “High Performance” program is perfect for: Association Events, Retailers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Industry, Professional Services Firms, Health Care Providers, Manufacturers, Hospitality, School Administration and School Boards, Software Development and Hi Tech Industry

Jeff is available as a keynote, breakout session or in-depth workshop. Click here to get information.