Employee Retention Keynotes & Workshops

Four Programs, Two Formats Each

Flexibility? Employee retention speaker and trainer Jeff Kortes offers it with his educational, entertaining programs and workshops. You pick the topic. Jeff will adapt it as a conference keynote, in-company training, or presentation to a trade or professional association.

Any of these programs can be presented as either a 75-minute program or a half-/full-day deep dive workshop. 

Give Your Employees C.R.A.P…®

and 7 other secrets to employee retention

Jeff provides a “headhunter’s” insight into the mindset of employees who leave their jobs (or are contemplating doing so). Retaining talent is critical to staying competitive. Jeff’s humorous, real-life stories and interactive format show why the secret is C.R.A.P. – the more, the better.

Give Your Employees C.R.A.P…®

The Success Formula For Driving Loyalty

Why do some bosses have loyal staffs of long-term employees, while others are poster children for employee turnover? The answer is C.R.A.P. … and successful bosses know how to dish it out. Drawing on his extensive experience as a talent recruiter and HR head, Jeff explains why some employees will run through a brick wall for their boss, while others would gladly throw their boss off the wall. Jeff’s lively, give-and-take program helps participants understand that the formula for employee loyalty is based on – are you ready? – C.R.A.P.

No Thanks … I Took Another Offer.

Your ideal candidate turned you down. Why? What happened? As an experienced “headhunter” who has placed hundreds of candidates, Jeff knows why offers get rejected. His insightful, “behind the curtain” program explores eight main reasons why qualified candidates turn down job offers from seemingly highly-regarded organizations. Understanding the thoughts and reasoning of job candidates can lead to changes in your hiring process … and greater success in hiring.

Making Millennials Great

Employers everywhere are scratching their heads over the newest workforce generation. The “millennials” are indeed different. They might be among the most mysterious, misunderstood groups ever. Well, it’s time to stop working around millennial employees … and start working with them. In fact, how about molding them into peak performers? Jeff Kortes’ “5 Pillars for Building the Next Generation” provides a blueprint. His newest live- action program offers real-world, hands-on direction for engaging this perplexing demographic.