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Making Millennials Great

Millennial Employee Engagement and Retention

What’s with these millennials? How do we get through to them?

Employers everywhere are scratching their heads over the newest workforce generation. The “millennials” are indeed different. They might be among the most mysterious, misunderstood groups ever.

Well, it’s time to stop working around millennial employees … and start working with them. In fact, how about molding them into peak performers?

Jeff Kortes’ “5 Pillars for Building the Next Generation” provides a blueprint. His newest live- action program offers real-world, hands-on direction for engaging this perplexing demographic.

Jeff’s not going it alone, though. He’s partnered with Randy Wilinski, a 30-something professional, to offer a generations-spanning perspective. As a manager, Randy has hired, fired and inspired millennials for a decade. Partnered with Jeff, their generational differences meld through humorous anecdotes, interactive role play and audience involvement.

You’ll learn how millennials think, how they’re motivated, and why they will (or won’t) go the extra mile. Most importantly, you’ll come away understanding the Five Pillars to building the millennial generation and unlocking its productive potential.

Like it or not, millennials are the future. Understanding the keys to millennial employee engagement, and retention, allows you to start shaping tomorrow’s leaders today.

No more head-scratching. No more avoiding the obvious. Jeff’s program bridges the generational divide … and provides the tools to mold millennials into masterpieces.

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