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No Thanks … I Took Another Offer.

Ever been left scratching your head over a great candidate rejecting what you thought was a great offer? It happens regularly … and few organizations ever decipher the “why.”

As a veteran “headhunter,” Jeff understands why candidates turn down offers. He provides insight into the thought processes of employees who decide to, or are contemplating, taking new jobs.

Jeff’s employee recruitment program explores the 8 reasons why qualified candidates turn down job offers from seemingly highly-regarded organizations. Sound familiar?

The key is to build “selling” into your recruitment strategy to create a competitive advantage. Like it or not, you’re selling your organization. Adopting a sales perspective is integral to attracting the best available talent.

Jeff shows you how, using real-life examples from his work as a recruiter and employee retention trainer and speaker. His program explains these key components:

  • Recognizing the need to have a cohesive recruitment strategy with “selling” as a key element
  • Preparing to advocate this approach internally to senior leadership and decision-makers
  • Understanding how to enhance your organization’s image in a fashion that both appeals to candidates and strengthens your brand
  • Grasping the “selling” techniques that appeal to “A-level” talent, and can tip a competitive decision in your favor

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