Keep Your Best Employees By Giving Them C.R.A.P.

Keep Your Best Employees By Giving Them C. R. A. P.

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C. R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs…

C.  R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …


Employee retention speaker Jeff Kortes tailors programs for audiences of all types:

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Employee retention trainer Jeff Kortes will provide you the tools and know-how to keep your best talent.

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  • Candor Works

    All too often, this employee retention speaker hears from his audiences that they don’t know how to convey a difficult message to an employee.  My response…with candor.  All too often we try to beat around the bush and act like politicians instead of being candid......

  • Senior Leadership Doesn’t run the Place

    This employee retention speaker was a middle level manager in human resources for a good part of my career.  I was not a VP at thirty and spent most of my time in plants or facilities that were not the corporate office.  I learned very......

  • Celebrate Success

    We always hear about it when we fail of something goes wrong or could have done better.  That is one of the downsides of the continuous improvement philosophy.  Rarely do we hear about it when things get done the way they should or when we......


Employee retention expert Jeff Kortes works with you to create an organization where great people want to stay.

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