Keep Your Best Employees By Giving Them C.R.A.P.

Keep Your Best Employees By Giving Them C. R. A. P.

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C. R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs…

C.  R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …


Employee retention speaker Jeff Kortes tailors programs for audiences of all types:

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Employee retention trainer Jeff Kortes will provide you the tools and know-how to keep your best talent.

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  • It’s Check In Time

    Onboarding has become a bigger and bigger thing in most organizations now that they realize the first 30 days is crucial to the retention of new people in the organization.  As an employee retention speaker and employee retention author, I recommend regular “check ins” with......

  • Give them “Stuff”

    As an employee retention expert and employee retention speaker, I am a huge proponent of giving away free clothing, gear and other “stuff” to your employees.  I have seen the impact that free “stuff” has on the loyalty of people.  In one organization that I......

  • This Bathroom’s Filthy

    When at a business selecting some building materials for a remodeling job at my house, I was in the shop looking at materials and had to go to the bathroom.  I noticed the men’s room and asked if I could use it and was told......


Employee retention expert Jeff Kortes works with you to create an organization where great people want to stay.

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