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CRAP people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …

CRAP people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …


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  • Show them the Dollar Bill

    As an HR leader, one of the simplest yet impressive learning tools I ever saw was showing employees a dollar bill.  We had a CFO that used to have a picture of a huge dollar bill that he used as a visual during our all......

  • Employee Involvement is the Answer

    As an HR leader, I came up during a period of time that employee involvement in quality was starting to take hold.  We were running task forces and problem-solving teams in order to primarily deal with issues of quality but also got into the areas......

  • Want the Best for Your People

    As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I have come to realize that one of the key ingredients in building loyalty is that you have to want the best for people.  This has always been a factor but has become one even more......


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