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Some people say, “It’s not the message, it’s the delivery.” Jeff Kortes, employee retention speaker and author, believes it’s both. Tapping into his 25 years’ experience in the business world, Jeff delivers training that isn’t “fancy” and doesn’t rely on buzz words. It does get results, however. His core group of sessions – “Execution Focused Leadership” – gets to the heart of leading an organization.

Execution Focused Leadership™

The essence of Leadership

  • If you don’t know what it is … how will you ever get there?

Motivation Basics

  • Understand what makes them tick.


  • Straightforward, quick and easy – you will shock your people in the process.

Communication Process

  • That’s not what I told them. What went wrong?


  • Do I really have to? It’s a lot of hard work.

Walking the Floor … whether you have a plant floor or cubes!

  • Systematically enhance visibility.
  • Eliminate issues.
  • Structure your day to maximize floor time

Performance Management/Appraisals

  • Taking the dread out of the event, so supervisors actually do them.
  • Drive results and not ruin your people.


  • Knowing what to look for, and designing an approach to find if it’s there.
  • Determining the best “fit.”


  • If it feels good … don’t do it!
  • Change behavior.

Flawless Terminations

  • Taking the fear out of the process – it’s easier than you think!

Planning and Goal Setting

  • Developing a roadmap for success, personally and professionally.

Decision Making

  • Get to the best solutions to the problems that you face.
  • Delegating: There is a time to delegate and a time to lead – deciding when to do it is the key.

Dealing with Employee Baggage

  • Recognizing the quicksand, and avoiding it while still dealing with the issues.

Dealing With Dangerous Baggage

  • Workplace intimidation is lurking … but where is it?