employee-retention-fundamentalsNo Nonsense Retention: Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People

This book is a “no-nonsense,” straightforward read for anyone who is responsible for employee retention in their organization. The book is packed with real-life situations that many people will recognize, making it an excellent resource for human resources professionals, supervisors, managers and even your senior leadership team. Filled with “use now” advice, it’s a fast read that can be completed in 2 ½ to 3 hours.

No Nonsense Retention: Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People summarizes key points after each section so the reader can refer back to pertinent sections, making it a great reference resource. The book is structured so that, by applying its listed action items, the reader can be well en route to building a solid retention strategy upon its completion.

What you will discover:

  • How to avoid the dreaded meeting that includes “We are letting you go because you just aren’t a good fit …”
  • Money isn’t the answer to retention
  • Size of the organization doesn’t matter!
  • Practical ideas you can use immediately to improve retention
  • Why good employees leave your organization … and how to stop it
  • How the “little” things matter … and what they are
  • How to build a comprehensive strategy (or game plan) for your department, facility or entire organization to improve employee retention
  • What poor employee retention is costing you

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