recruitment strategiesIf you knew the recruitment strategies to entice the best candidates to join your organization …

Would you use them?

Using his 25 years’ experience as a human resources professional, owner of a professional search firm, and employee retention speaker and author, Jeff Kortes provides candid insight into the thoughts and reactions of candidates who have recently gone through the recruitment and selection process at various companies. Through humorous, real-life stories and interactive participation, Jeff has created a program that helps organizations seeking a competitive edge when recruiting talent. It’s an eye-opening glimpse into how candidates for employment view prospective employers – both good and bad!

“Jeff is a dynamic speaker who uses an interactive and participative approach.”

Attendees will hear real-life comments that candidates have said to Jeff over his quarter-century career. The information will shock and amaze, but also validate many things that hiring managers often suspect – but never hear directly – from candidates about why they turn down job offers from seemingly highly-regarded organizations. The remarks raise the level of awareness, so that participants can take a critical look at the recruiting and selection processes in their organization. It shifts the focus of those involved in the hiring process to realize that not only are they recruiting – they are also selling the organization! This understanding plays a key role in any organization’s ability to attract and land the best talent in the marketplace. Based on the needs of your group and time allowed, participants will discover:

  • Pitfalls that are driving good candidates away from their organization.
  • Ideas to enhance their organization’s image in the eyes of candidates.
  • Recruitment strategies to land candidates who are entertaining offers from other organizations.

“Jeff’s enthusiastic training style and energy kept the staff engaged.”

The Recruitment Strategy program is perfect for: Association Events, Retailers, Financial Institutions, the Insurance Industry, Professional Services Firms, Health Care Providers, Manufacturers, School Administrations and School Boards, and the Software Development and High Tech Industry


Jeff is available as a keynote, breakout session or in-depth workshop. Click here to get information.