Employee Retention Training

Some people say, “It’s not the message, it’s the delivery.”  Jeff Kortes, employee retention speaker and trainer, believes it’s both.  Tapping into his 25 years’ experience in the business world, Jeff delivers down-to-earth employee retention training that’s long on substance and short on buzzwords. Do you want greater employee engagement and retention? Jeff’s C.R.A.P. Leadership™ System and Execution Focused Leadership® systems will guide your first-line supervisors and managers to give employees exactly what they want: more C.R.A.P. Properly implemented, the results are nothing to swear about.

Choose from these 1 ½-2 hour practical modules that cover key leadership skills needed to engage and retain your workforce.


The Essence of Leadership

If you don’t know what it is to be a leader … how will you ever lead effectively?

Motivation and Praise

Understand what makes your people tick, so you can give them the C.R.A.P. they need to thrive.

Communication and Listening

Communicate effectively, listen to understand and, all along, show your people you respect them.

Walking the Floor … whether you have a plant floor or cubes!

Stretch your legs. Take a walk to enhance “face time” with workers, so you can give them C.R.A.P. and proactively address issues.

Performance Management/Appraisal

The C.R.A.P approach takes the dread out of performance appraisal, and uses ongoing performance management to drive better results.


Understand how to hire for fit to find top talent for your organization.

Discipline and Termination

Change behavior using C.R.A.P. as the foundation. Turn discipline into a constructive event. Yes, it’s possible.

Planning and Goal Setting

Develop a roadmap for success … personally and professionally.


Create a systematic decision-making process that reaches the best possible decision every time.

Dealing with Employee Baggage

Recognizing the quicksand and avoid it … while still dealing with “people issues” in a caring, positive manner.

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