Value Systems must Align for Positive Employee Retention

Turnover was rampant in this department.  It was a revolving door.  Yet, turnover in the rest of the organization was low.  The organization had an incredibly positive values system and it was a primary reason why employees stayed.  When asked about the turnover the manager had one excuse after another.  So why was turnover an issue in this department?

This particular manager was a negative, micromanaging, overbearing leader that drove the people that worked for her crazy.   For whatever reason, the organization tolerated her behavior even though it was inconsistent with the positive value system of the organization.  Eventually she moved on and took another job and it was like a miracle…employee turnover stopped.

If you want to send a negative message to your employees…tolerate this type of manager.  If you want positive employee retention deal with this type of manager…promptly!

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Jeff Kortes

Jeff Kortes is an employee retention expert who speaks and conducts workshops regularly in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana. He draws on his experiences as a human resources professional, father, coach, martial artist and U.S. Army veteran to provide thought-provoking programs that yield results.