Prior Preparation Prevents
Poor Performance

I remember hearing those words over 25 years ago when I was in basic training in the US Army. (When they said it they used a different word for “pretty” to really hammer the point home.) Not only does it emphasize thinking ahead…it also emphasizes hard
work. Preparation takes time and effort…it is hard work!

If you want to be a top performer it’s critical that youwork hard and…hard work requires self-sacrifice. As I am teaching nights at Upper Iowa University, I see that in my adult students. They are in class from 6-10PM while many of their colleagues are at home, watching TV, spending time with their family, relaxing and having a beer.

I see it in the guys on my son’s wrestling team…these are the handful of guys who go to the off season tournaments when everyone else is off having fun…they are working hard and sacrificing. You can’t just think that success will fall into your lap!

Whether it’s taking that additional class, putting in extra hours on a project, taking time to read to gain extra knowledge in your profession or practicing and perfecting your skills…those activities require self-sacrifice. I have seen it over and over. When the opportunities do present themselves…and trust me…they will present themselves…you will be prepared to take advantage of them. If you are willing to sacrifice…you will be successful!

Now…it’s time to make a choice. Ask yourself the following question. When you go home tonight…are you going tospend two hours tonight watching NCIS reruns (One of my weaknesses)…or…are you going to think about the 6P’s and make the self-sacrifices that will prepare you for success?