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Like it or not we hire the husband, the kids, the dog and even the ex when we hire a person. What affects them affects how your people perform on the job. Ask anyone who has a kid that is in trouble!

Fully 20% of employees are experiencing some sort of issue in their life at any one time. Those issues have a real impact on the state of mind of your people when they are writing that software program…..or not writing it because they are thinking about their daughter who is talking about moving in with that loser boyfriend of hers. Your ability as a leader to recognize a change in behavior and to QUICKLY connect them with resources in your organization to help them get thru the “bumps in the road” is critical in keeping your people fully engaged and productive.

Helping people to do so also sends a very positive message that you truly do care. People remember when you are there for them even if they might never admit it. If you help them thru the tough times, you, begin to seem “human” in their eyes. You go from being “the boss” to being a “leader” who has CREDIBILITY in their eyes.

This credibility enables you to better lead when the organization is having tough times and you need your people. Your people will go the extra mile when you need it the most. Remember, people do not necessarily work just for the organization. They work to pay the mortgage, send the kids to college and to enjoy their lives and family. When they are experiencing problems with the husband, the kids, and yes….even the dog….being there for your people makes you the type of leader that they will want to follow.