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In Earl Nightingale’s “The Greatest Discovery” he mentions training employees on how to treat customers because you can’t assume they know anything about that. It got me thinking about how I see many organizations handle training of their leaders. Most of the participants have NEVER had ANY formal leadership training. Or, the training was so long ago they have forgotten some of the best practices in leading people.

We assume that because people have become supervisors, managers, and even directors and VP’s that they know how to lead and have gone through some leadership training. This is a disastrous assumption. This assumption can do irreparable harm to your business as your leaders fail to lead effectively. At the start of football training camp what do they do? They review the BASICS….blocking and tackling. We love our sports analogies but we don’t apply them in many cases.

If you aren’t regularly doing refresher training on leadership basics like praise, listening, discipline, communications, decision making, etc…. why not? People are human…they forget, they drift away, or maybe they never got any training in the first place. I also hear that last comment quite a lot in the sessions I do……”gee, I wish someone had gone through that at the beginning of my career.”

Make no mistake….it comes down to PEOPLE. People take customer complaints, people weld your final product, people develop your software, people do it all. Do your leaders a favor (and yourself)…..take them thru regular leadership training because how they lead your people is what makes your money.