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Indecisiveness kills…not speed …at least when it comes to competing for the BEST candidates. In the last article two articles I talked about how little things make a difference to candidates and how they perceive the organization. This week I want to sound the wake up call and talk about indecisiveness and lack of speed in the hiring process before it starts to cost your organization money…and make no mistake…not hiring the best candidates costs you in quality, productivity, sales, creativity…every aspect of your business!

Currently, the market is relatively slow and it is still more of a company driven market. Anyone remember 2008? It was a candidate’s market. If you took your “sweet time” hiring…even a candidate who was merely GOOD was gone by the time you made a decision. The size of the company did not matter. Candidates were not wowed by the big company name. Particularly the current generation. They are looking at opportunity…growth…flexibility…ability to make decisions…autonomy…challenge etc. In fact…they look at companies that can’t move things along and that seem to “drag their feet” in the hiring process as inflexible, indecisive and not having it “together”…in most cases they are viewed as either arrogant or inept by candidates!

We will be going to go back to a candidate’s market in the next few years. In fact, we are already seeing it with high potential people. Unfortunately, many organizations have forgotten the lessons of the past and gone back to their old thought process. They have convinced themselves that they can take their “sweet time” when making a hiring decision. WRONG…if you start your hiring process and drag your feet…the best candidate will be gone. Why? Because everyone wants the best candidate! Smart companies recognize that fact and make decisions promptly and…as a result…steal the best candidate right out from under the noses of even big name companies that think they have an edge in the hiring process because of their size.

Want to gain an edge in a candidate market…or for that matter in any market? Be decisive! You will find yourself beating out even the “biggest” and what people consider “the best” employers because in most cases…they are slow and indecisive. In this case the belief that “speed kills” is wrong…in fact companies with speed will be the ones that thrive in the candidate driven market that we will face in the future!