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Face it…hiring is often done when someone quits and the organization is under the gun to replace a person quickly because organizations no longer carry excess people. With no fat to pick up the slack, managers rush to get a “body” to fill a hole. Managers do not evaluate what they truly need in the role and therefore do not capitalize on a golden opportunity to pick the best candidate.

Would you buy a $180,000 piece of equipment without thoroughly deciding on specifications and what you needed that piece of equipment to do? No way! I remember arguing for hours in a staff meeting about the features we wanted on the new coffee maker! If you hire someone and pay them $30,000 and expect them to stay with the organization for only 3 years, you have just decided to invest $180,000 in a human asset. I don’t know about you….but when I purchase something for $180,000 I do my homework and know what I need and how I am going to evaluate if it is the right thing!

There is a simple way to make sure you get the right people…use a systematic approach that uses the following elements.

Know what you need …that may be different from what you want and what you can afford!

  • Train the people who are involved in the selection process
  • Assess for fit…not just for skills
  • Don’t over hire

As we start to see a recovery, the need to have your hiring process in place is absolutely critical. Now is the time to look at your processes….not when you are in a frenzy and not when someone quits!