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While writing my blog on Saturday morning I found myself using the buzz word “exit” in the piece. It got me thinking about all the buzz words that drive me insane when I hear them. And guess what…it drives your employees insane when they hear them as well. But what it really does is help to degrade your credibility. You have just become another “suit” to them that doesn’t shoot straight with them. Just call a spade a spade…your employees will love you for your candor.

My use of the word “exit” got me thinking about some of the other words we use that causes people to laugh at us (behind our backs of course) and makes us look like a spineless politician and not a leader. Here are a few I thought about that absolutely make me crazy…or at least crazier than I already am!

“Exit”…call it what it is! You’re fired! I am NOT a Donald Trump fan by the way…but at least he got this one right.

“Associate”…hey c’mon…I am an “employee” and there is nothing wrong with that. Even call me a “worker” which is better than “associate.” I don’t know about you but I go to my office to “work” every morning not to “associate!”

“Reach out”…hey…we “talk” to people. We might even attempt to “communicate” with them on occasion. Back in the day…if you “reached out” to someone you ended up with a sexual harassment charge.

“Total Rewards”…this one kills me. Most people go to work to get “paid” not to be rewarded. At least we still call it a “paycheck” and not a “reward check.” OMG…I probably gave someone in the corporate office another crazy idea by calling it a “reward check.”.

These were my top four that instantly came to mind because I think they drive most “employees” absolutely nuts. But more importantly…they undermine your credibility and make you sound like a goof! So please…try to at least purge these four from your vocabulary. Trust me…your “employees” will love you.

**Note to my readers: Send me any other buzz words that come to mind. I would love to write another piece with a longer list on this topic.