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Poor performance appraisals should never be an issue.  If performance issues are dealt with promptly they will be out of the way and corrected by the time the performance appraisal comes around.  If you want to hurt your employee retention, hold all of the negative issues and then dump them on the employee during the performance appraisal meeting.

All too often I hear from candidates as a professional recruiter after they have been dumped on in their annual performance appraisal.  They are angry.  They feel betrayed.  They feel as if their boss just played a game of “gotcha” in the performance appraisal.  Employees are going to make mistakes.  Discussion about those mistakes should not be held back until the annual performance appraisal.  Doing so will hurt your employee retention as well hurt employee performance during the course of the year.

How can an employee improve if they don’t hear about their mistakes at they take place?

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