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While at the WI State Wrestling Tournament last week, I noticed that there was nothing flashy about the guys that were winning. They tended to stick to the fundamentals and do them VERY well. Guys would have a good takedown, a go-to pinning combination, an escape on the bottom and the ability to ride their opponent (the four key components of wrestling). As we like to say, they were “grinding out their wins.” Nothing fancy, just tough fundamental wrestling. Wrestling has been like that as long as I can remember and the best recognize that and place their focus on the fundamentals.

Employee retention is the same way. The organizations that are successful do the fundamentals VERY well. What do they do?

•They communicate with their employees. They keep them informed and involved in the business.
•Provide opportunities for growth, be it in the employee’s job or in their career. They provide variety so people can grow by trying new things so people stay engaged.
• They care about the people that work for them. When people have issues they are there for them and support them.
•Most of all, they have solid leadership. Because the leader is the most important part of any job and the one thing that an employee can’t avoid, solid leadership keeps people happy…and generally productive in addition to not driving them crazy so they want to leave the organization.

This stuff isn’t magic! It is about doing fundamentals well…day after day, week after week. If you want to drive employee retention in your organization….just “grind” away at it!