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Most people can’t stand to be bored on the job anymore.  It’s not like it was in the 50’s and 60’s when people used to come in and work in jobs they couldn’t stand and accepted it.  Boredom is one of those things that people can’t stand any longer.  With the emergence of the internet, people have shorter attention spans and feel the need to be entertained, or, at least not bored.

 An organization that can’t “spice” up employee’s jobs so they are not doing totally mundane tasks is in trouble.

What can you do to help boredom from setting in? 

  • Look for challenging activities for people to do on occasion.
  • Ask people for their input.  This will keep people’s minds active and give them an opportunity to make things better.
  • Add some variety to people’s job so they are not doing the same thing all the time when you structure a job.
  • Cross train people to do other jobs.  It will add flexibility to your organization and keep people from getting stale.
  • Encourage them to take classes so they have some intellectual stimulation even if it is not on the job.

Will these solve all your problems with employee retention?

Not by itself.

They will help to ensure that people aren’t bored out of their mind so that they decide to get their intellectual stimulation by working on their resume or surfing the internet looking at potential jobs.  Once that happens, you will NEVER be able to retain that employee.