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The New Year is upon us. As individuals we make resolutions.  As organizations we establish “goals and “metrics.”  Time to get back to work and to gear up to hit the “metrics” that every organization seems to have established for every department a company. But what about your employee retention? Do you even have a metric for what your retention levels are going to be?

When performing my “No Nonsense Retention” program recently, I did a poll at a SHRM Chapter meeting and of the 80 people in the audience, only 10% had a specific employee retention goal that they were shooting at. WOW…only 10%. And these are active and engaged HR professionals so imagine what other organizations must be like.

When I asked an audience member how they came up with that goal, they indicated they looked at their current retention and felt that improving it by a certain percent would make sense. In their case they didn’t look at any surveys to see what retention was for the various classes of employees, what it was in the area or in their industry. They had SOME idea but weren’t exactly positive. I give them a lot of credit. They realize they need to address the issue so they set a goal for the New Year.

According to almost every poll I see, employee retention is one of the major concerns for CEOs and HR. With that as the backdrop, it’s time to set a goal for 2014. Setting your goal is THE first step in attacking the issue of retention in your organization. Without a goal, you will kinda, sorta work towards improving your employee retention.

With a goal staring you in the face…I GUARANTEE that you will be more focused, develop some plans and start to take ACTION that will put money on the bottom line. And THAT is exactly what your CEO is looking for from you in 2014.

So…set your employee retention goal and start 2014 off on the right foot.