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Recently a friend of mine got caught up in a re-organization and was given a new boss. Immediately, the new boss began to question everything she was doing…and not in a manner conducive to understanding the job but to intimidate the employee. Then the manager moves her work space from a shared office to an open cube. No rationale was given. It is very clear that the manager has decided that she does not want this person on her team and is attempting to drive her out of the organization.

The person who is being bullied, has been with the organization for 10 years and has performed well…well enough to survive multiple cuts in the last three years when the economy went bad! While all this is going on, everyone in the organization is watching in disgust that senior management would allow this to happen. It is killing the morale of the other people and generating fear.

My friend has also started to look for a new job even though she has 10 years invested in the organization. The organization is going to lose a long service employee who was committed to the organization and getting the job done.

Most damaging of all is the impact that this incident has hurt the credibility of senior management. Other employees see this situation as a sign that 1) senior management doesn’t care or 2) senior management is clueless. These are the most devastation results because people will start to question their commitment to an organization that will allow treatment like this to go. Senior leadership’s credibility is now in question and anything they say or do will be viewed with a lack of trust. This causes irreparable harm to the business. Other employees will wonder if they might not be next. If they do not become active job seekers immediately, they will be passive and keeping their ears open for other opportunities. Unless senior leadership addresses the out of control manager, this situation will go from bad to worse.