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Often times, as a “headhunter,” when I send candidates out to organizations on interviews they come back with some disturbing feedback.  Here are three things that you should be doing to enhance the interview process for the candidate:

  • It seems like everyone feels as if they have to be poker faced in the interview process. I say the opposite.  You want to be friendly, outgoing, put the candidate at ease and enjoy the process.  If you enjoy the process there is a VERY strong likelihood that the candidate will enjoy the process and have a great experience. When a candidate enjoys the experience, they will want to take the job if you ultimately offer it to them.
  • All too often, I hear from candidates comments like, ”I’m not sure they liked me.” Everyone likes to be liked, so make an effort to create that impression.  If the candidate feels you did not like them, you run the risk that they will drop out of the process.  Why would you want to run the risk that would happen????
  • Another important part of the candidate enjoying the experience is that the candidate will relax. When a candidate relaxes, you get a true look at the candidate and their personality.  This should be one of your employee retention strategies.  As an employee retention expert and an employee retention trainer, I tell my clients this enables you to assess if the person is a good fit for the culture you have.  Because fit is the most important determiner of success on the job, the likelihood that the person will fail drops off significantly as well.

Most organizations do not realize that in the latter part of the hiring process the organization becomes the “seller” and the candidate becomes the “buyer.”  So, why not start selling right from the start and enhance the chance that the candidate will “buy” when you ultimately offer them the job?  The easiest way to do that is to stop playing poker and start showing them some love in the interview process!