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Some organizations hesitate to use assessment tools across all of their positions in the organization.  As a “headhunter” and employee retention trainer, my question is: Why?  If you don’t use the tools across the whole organization you short change yourself by not having valuable insight, a coaching tool, a team building tool, etc.  With the right assessment tool and a little bit of knowledge, you can use it for all of the processes mentioned above as well as part of any employee retention strategies you have.  Here are some of the reasons I hear why they don’t use assessment tools:

  • Organizations are worried that it costs them money to assess “low level” or all of their people.  Consider that losing a person who is paid $30,000 per year will cost you at least $10,000 to replace as well as all the lost opportunity costs of not having that person in place.  As an employee retention expert, assessment tools SAVE you money by avoiding the cost of only one wrong hire who leaves.
  • No one assessment tool will work across the entire organization. NOT TRUE.  Many assessment tools are built in a way that they will work at all levels.  You just have to do some investigating to find the right tool.
  • People will not want to take the assessment. Simply not true.  I find that if you explain why you are using the tool to a candidate to ensure that you have a good fit they are very receptive to its use.  Too many people have gone into organizations and been “bad” fits and hated it.  As a result, they don’t want to make that mistake again.  They see the value in being a good fit for the organization and will willingly take the assessment.

Assessment tools give you data that is invaluable in making BETTER decisions which can help your business move forward as well as reinforce your employee retention strategies.  It is another data point that can help you better lead and work with your employees.  In this competitive world, anything you can do that will help you better run your organization is worth seriously considering.  Assessment tools is one of those things!