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As an employee retention expert, I can tell you that, “It’s the little things that count” when it comes to employee retention. The same is true in recruiting.  Candidates notice the little things and are assessing the employer through the entire process.  These same candidates may become employees after all.  They look at the little things that indicate whether or not the employer values people and will treat them with respect once they are hired.  If you don’t treat a candidate with respect when you are “courting” them…what will you be like once you hire them.  Like it or not…that’s how candidates think.

Some of the little things candidates look at include:

  • Do you call when you say you are going to call?
  • When a candidate shows up to interview…are you on time or do they sit and wait in the lobby while you get side tracked?
  • Do you have a schedule of what there day is going to be or were you too busy to develop a firm schedule?
  • Do your interviewers show up on time and/or cancel out of interviews because something “more important” comes up?
  • Do you follow up to let them know that status of the hiring process or do you fall into a communications “black hole” and the candidate hears nothing for weeks?

These may sound minor to your but to the candidate they are MAJOR items.  Most candidates really want the job when the process starts only to have this enthusiasm wane as you have one miscue after another.  Mistakes such as those “unsell” a candidate who comes in ready to “buy.

The time to sell is during the process, not at the end when the buying decision is the candidates.  And…one major key to selling is making sure you pay attention to the “little things.”  If you can’t do the little things right, imagine what the candidate thinks about your ability to do the major things correctly.  When that occurs, you will make an offer and the buyer will turn you down.