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As an employee retention expert and employee retention trainer, I have had some discussions with HR people who have hiring metrics as a way to measure their performance.  The discussion has been interesting to say the least.  Metrics are useful but as I speak with my colleagues in the human resources field they feel compelled to meet certain hiring metrics to satisfy senior management.  I say…don’t get hung up on the metrics….instead look at your process.  After you finish a search, get the people who were involved together and look at what you did right and what you did wrong.  These are the things that will help your employee retention strategies and improve the quality of your hires.  Reflecting back as an HR professional and now turned “head hunter and employee retention trainer, here are the top four mistakes that hurt your hiring process.

  1. Do you systematically analyze the job and know what qualifications you need?  Know what you NEED and WANT and know the difference between the two.  That way….when the right candidate (not the perfect candidate) comes through the door you will recognize them when you see them.  All too often we pass on great candidates because we are waiting for the perfect candidate.  I have never seen the perfect candidate.
  1. Do you hire the right person when they walk through the door?  Or do you feel compelled to look at three more to “compare.”   It takes time to look at three more candidates…then go back and hire the first candidate that you interviewed that just so happened to fit but you “wanted to look at more people.”  In the meantime, I have seen months pass with a position sitting vacant.  Last time I checked…time is money.  If you are hiring the right candidates, every day a position is vacant it means you have missed opportunities that someone in the role would have capitalized on.
  1. Do you provide meaningful feedback to the internal recruiter or the search firm you are working with about the quality of the candidate?  The key word is meaningful…….not “he isn’t a good fit.”  That’s not meaningful feedback….that’s flying by the seat of your pants.  If you asked one of your people why something went wrong in the last batch of parts and they said “it was just a bad batch boss”…..would you accept that as an answer?  I think not!  Assuming you have properly laid out your qualifications, you use meaningful feedback to make adjustments in your search to help you find the right person.
  1. Do you sit down and recap with the participants after you finish a search?  Look at your process so you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.  If you are REALLY on top of it….look at your hiring process BEFORE you start….the results will be well worth the time.

What’s the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over.  Ask yourself….are you insane when it comes to your hiring process or do you make adjustments to make the process better each time?  Improving your hiring process is one of the best ways to improve you employee retention so you must constantly be looking at that process.