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Concetto di dubbio e certezza

When I run workshops and employee retention training as an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, I often hear of some great ideas to demonstrate appreciation, how to be more visible, etc.  I love ideas because they enable me to pass them along to my clients as they build their employee retention strategies.  Ideas.  People love to share their ideas.

Do you ask your employees for their ideas?  Everyone says they listen to ideas their employees have.  My question was, “Do you ask your employees for their ideas?”  Openly ask them.  The mere act of asking sends a powerful message that you want their ideas and you value your employees.  Then, when you listen and act on the employees ideas, you will see all sorts of ideas start to flow.  People will know you truly want their ideas at that point.  It is incredibly powerful.

As leaders, we have to get beyond just thinking we have the answers.  We talk about “intellectual capital” and “talent” but do we tap into that talent like we should?  When we do, people get excited that they are making a difference, contributing to the success of the organization and, as a result, they feel valued.  People who feel valued stay with an organization and drive positive employee retention.

Listening is great and as an employee retention expert I am a huge advocate of listening.  Now, take it to the next level and pick your employees’ brains by asking, “What ideas do you have?”