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As an employee retention author and employee retention speaker, I am always asking CEOs, COOs, managers and other leaders of organizations what they feel are key components of their employee retention strategies.   When speaking with one COO last week he responded; “winning.”  I asked him to elaborate because he was quite adamant.

In our discussion, he explained that whether people like to admit it or not in our “feel good” society, people like to win and that winning is a lot more fun than losing.  No arguments from me there.  He then went on to explain that people like to have fun at work which I whole heartily agreed with him on.   So, by winning people will be having fun and, thus, want to stay with the organization vs. working in a losing organization.

As I thought about my past career as an HR leader before I became an employee retention speaker, I thought about the organizations that I had the most fun in and the vast majority were places where we won more than we lost in against the organizations we were competing against.   In fact, I have seen that organizations that are on a downward slide struggle desperately to retain their best employees.

Those of you that know me other than reading my blog know I love to win.  Winning is fun.  Losing is not.  It was ingrained in me from my high school wrestling days when losing in front of a crowd of people was not fun.  It was at that point I truly decided winning was more fun than losing.

When all this is put in the context of developing employee retention strategies, I would have to agree with this COO that winning can be a component in your employee retention strategy.  It is a perspective that is not often thought of and rarely talked about today because winning is often viewed as negatively.  Maybe it’s time we revisit that as part of our employee retention strategy!