When I bring up a MOHI as an employee retention speaker, audiences think I am confused and thinking of the Cuban drink a Mojito.   A MOHI is a Moment Of High Influence.  It is a time when an employee is highly influenced to consider looking for other job opportunities.  It is these moments that are most important for an employer to avoid.

Most MOHIs occur as a result of something that their boss has done that irritates or angers them and prompts them to consider looking for another job or gets them thinking that perhaps the “grass is greener” on the other side of the fence.  It could occur when they get thrown under the bus in a meeting, are criticized in front of their co-workers, given expectations that are totally unrealistic or a myriad of other things.  Disrespect is often a common theme in a MOHI.

When a MOHI occurs, that is when the employee may be susceptible to listening to a call from a headhunter, posting their resume or looking at job postings online.  Often it results in a person posting their resume online.  This one action puts them out in front of thousands of potential employers that may find them attractive.  Once the resume is posted, rarely will people pull the resume down even after the MOHI is ended.  The resume is then out there in cyber space for other employers to find.

As part of your employee retention strategies, organizations need to counsel leaders to be aware of MOHIs so that they minimize the likelihood that they will conduct themselves in a manner that creates a MOHI.  If most bosses and organizations understood the consequence of MOHIs they would think twice before doing some of the things they do.

When working as an employee retention trainer, I focus on the boss because the boss has the ability to create or not create many of the MOHIs that occur in the workplace.  Organizations often do dumb things, but the boss is the one that has the most contact with the employee and can drive MOHI creation most of all.

Next time you are tempted to throw one of your employees under the bus in a meeting and create that MOHI, take a deep breathe, think twice about it and go home and have a mojito at the end of the day instead!