When I am working as an employee retention trainer and employee retention speaker, I will get managers who pull me aside and whisper how they never seem to get credit when something goes right.  Then I hear from people who are a level below they never credit when they do something right!  For whatever reason, I see this phenomenon a lot.   People in the layer above tend to hog credit when something good happens.

Hogging credit is one thing that really makes people angry.  It’s one thing to not get praised but seeing credit taken for something you have done takes it to an entirely different level.  It makes people angry!  This anger and the event associated with it sticks with people for a LONG time.  People are like elephants; they don’t forget.

From an employee retention perspective, this anger that is below the surface is not good because people will always be in mood to listen to a pitch about a better opportunity when they are angry about something.  Then, it is only a matter of time before the right opportunity shows up and the person quits.

As an employee retention expert, my advice to leaders at all levels is you can take credit for the good things because you were smart enough to hire that person and turn them loose to do their job. But, give credit where credit is due and make sure others are aware who truly created the success or it won’t be long before you are looking for a new employee to do the work you just took credit for!