Have you ever heard that statement from one of your employees?  Or, they could use the term “problem”, “issue”, etc.  The message is still the same.  Something is on their mind.  As an employee retention speaker, the question I ask my audience in my “Give Your Employees C.R.A.P…® and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention” presentation is, do your people know they can always come to you with their concerns?  If they don’t, that is a major issue when it comes to employee retention strategies.

When conducting employee retention training for organizations I work with, I tell leaders if their people know they can always come to them with their concerns, they are at a huge employee retention advantage.  When I was an HR professional, I always had a good handle on what was going on in my facility so I was ahead of employee retention issues.  I was visible, I communicated, I did the things I needed to do as an HR professional to drive employee retention strategies.  But, the one thing I could not do was read minds.  I had to rely on people to come to me with their concerns if I wanted to know “exactly” what was going on with employee retention.

That being said, I found the best way to hear people’s concerns was to TELL people outright if they had concerns I wanted to hear them.  Why?  Because they could not read my mind either. So I felt the need to openly state my desire to hear their concerns.  That may sound simplistic.  People used to come into my office all the time with problems.  I would listen, and then act on the problems.  Guess what?  It worked.  I was able to get ahead of issues and address them so that they did not create potential employee retention problems.

One of the hardest parts about employee retention is knowing all of the concerns of your people.  The best way to learn about concerns is to let your people know they can come to you with them.  Not only is it the best way…it is the easiest way.  Although you may be a great HR professional or a great boss and be attuned to what is going on in you sphere of influence, you will never be able to read minds.